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For fun and profit: Each day a new Latin proverb.

27 September 2018
Satius est impunitum relinqui facinus nocentis, quam innocentem damnari
It is better that a crime is left unpunished than that an innocent man is punished. (Corpus Iuris Civilis)

26 September 2018
Dies non
Business free day

25 September 2018
Svi generis
Of its own kind unique

24 September 2018
Amici, diem perdidi.
Friends, I lost a day., spoken by Titus in the context that he has done no good deed during that day. Source: Suetonius’ Life of Titus 8.1

23 September 2018
Est modus in rebus
There is a middle ground in things. (Horace)

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